A Typical day at Furry Kidz for a boarding guest...

Breakfast is served to each guest (seperately) at 7am.
Boarding pups then get to enjoy the doggy daycare facilities during the day which includes, supervised free play with other guests and their furry friends from daycare in the “free play” area and then they get to relax and socialise in the spacious runs for “down time” periods, with 3-5 other well socialised dogs.
The Freeplay area is 5000 square meters of fenced in manicured grounds that includes doggy jungle gyms, shells filled with water, appropriate sized toys and digging pits to keep your pup entertained.
Poop patrol is done continuously and water is refreshed twice a day.
Water bowls and shells are washed daily.
Play is supervised to make sure everyone plays appropriately and that there is no bullying.
Lunch can be served on request.
Dinner is served to each guest (seperately) at 4pm.
Our guests are brought inside at 6pm when the daycare closes, into an allocated cabin that will be their sleeping area for the duration of their stay.
The indoor boarding cabins are temperature controlled, beds are raised off the floor with a dense foam mattress for extra comfort.
Linen (including Waterproof sheets and blankets) are changed daily and the area is cleaned with biodegradable-antibacterial detergents.
Blankets are provided but you are welcome to bring a blanket for an extra comfort from home.
Drinking water is refreshed daily.
Guests are taken out for an evening stroll before bed at 8:30pm to use the bathroom, before being tucked in with a bedtime biscuit.
Once all the pups are tucked into bed after their toilet break, they listen to classical music before drifting off to sleep after a fun filled day of running and playing with all their friends.

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