A little about Linsey Lester, the Owner and manager of Furry Kidz…

“My journey with the pet care industry started 6 years ago (2011) when I started working as a vet receptionist and went from strength to strength when I completed my diploma in animal behaviour through COAPE in 2015. Through the years I have completed many courses in puppy training and have been running my own puppy classes since early 2012, which has included puppy 1 & 2 classes for Amanda Pybus of Smart Puppy. The more time I spend with dogs, my passion grows. My family and I live on the property and we are hands on and dedicated to ensuring that all our furry guests have the most enjoyable experience.”


  • Linsey truly is a "Dog Whisperer" - she has both our hooligans eating out of her hand. Thank you so much Linsey - we have seen so much progress in only 2 sessions
    Charmaine Diamond
  • A brilliant trainer with an absolute love for animals. She goes above and beyond and is amazing at what she does. Our big boy has shown so much progress in such a short time and I look forward to seeing more results. I highly recommend her services. Amazing, amazing, amazing! Thank you Linsey.
    Tracey Breedt
  • Linsey is an amazing trainer who will go above and beyond. She has great skills and had great patience with our troubled boy. Highly recommendable and affordable dog trainer. Further more she has provided guidance and support outside of her classes. If you are looking a any sort of need for your dogs then look no further
    Chevez Fess Webb
  • So after stressing badly about leaving our 5 dogs (2 gerries on heart meds), 1 guinea pig, finches, a budgie and about 30 quails, Linsey did an amazing job of taking care of them! They even got Xmas pressies, guinea pig and quails included. Thank you for everything, you went above and beyond!
    Zeldine Safarik

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