Introduction to our daycare routine


Morning Playtime

All our guests are always supervised during play and appropriate play is encouraged so that everyone has a good time. The photos can be deceiving but there are days that I let the pups play in predetermined groups to make sure everyone gets the most benefit and enjoys themselves EVERY time they visit and mingle with the other dogs.

The free play area always has fresh water available for the pups to quench their thirst. Pools are available for to cool off after a strenuous run and lots of shade is available if the pups just want to relax. There are toys available during “Free Play”, but most of the time the dogs really just want to enjoy each others company. We also get a chance to enjoy their company and dote on them.


Afternoon Activities

After all our pups have had a morning social session and run around in the free play area (under supervision) they all retire to their individual camps predetermined by each dogs temperament and energy levels. Each camp has plenty of shade, toys (that are rotated daily and appropriate for the size of dogs in that camp), shells filled with fresh water daily (& cleaned with F10). Clean drinking water is always available too. Now the dogs can decide if they would like to laze in a kennel or a hound sleeper in the shade, take a dip to cool off or chew a toy (if they have any energy left from the morning)..

Ultimately our goal is to have content dogs that have had all their needs met in the day… social interaction and stimulation but balanced with rest, so that when you collect your dog in the afternoon they are CONTENT! Over stimulation is just BAD as under stimulation!


Early Evening Siesta

From 3pm all our doggy daycare guests are walked across to the accommodation cabins, where they are encouraged to rest until they are collected by there parents.

By doing this every time they frequent us for daycare, they are comfortable in their cabins, by the time the need arises to sleep over.

This also gives each pup time to rest so that when they see their parents they have some energy to interact and get cuddles.


  • Linsey truly is a "Dog Whisperer" - she has both our hooligans eating out of her hand. Thank you so much Linsey - we have seen so much progress in only 2 sessions
    Charmaine Diamond
  • A brilliant trainer with an absolute love for animals. She goes above and beyond and is amazing at what she does. Our big boy has shown so much progress in such a short time and I look forward to seeing more results. I highly recommend her services. Amazing, amazing, amazing! Thank you Linsey.
    Tracey Breedt
  • Linsey is an amazing trainer who will go above and beyond. She has great skills and had great patience with our troubled boy. Highly recommendable and affordable dog trainer. Further more she has provided guidance and support outside of her classes. If you are looking a any sort of need for your dogs then look no further
    Chevez Fess Webb
  • So after stressing badly about leaving our 5 dogs (2 gerries on heart meds), 1 guinea pig, finches, a budgie and about 30 quails, Linsey did an amazing job of taking care of them! They even got Xmas pressies, guinea pig and quails included. Thank you for everything, you went above and beyond!
    Zeldine Safarik

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