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We understand that your dog/s are a vital part of your family and so our team is passionate about dogs and are there to cater for their every need. Due to today’s demanding lifestyles it’s not always possible to stimulate your dog and exercise them sufficiently and it is not safe anymore to run your dog off lead in the local park. Furry Kidz aims to give your dog a safe place to interact and play with other social dogs in a controlled environment.

Our furry guests are under constant supervision, making sure that the social interaction they are partaking in, is appropriate and that they don’t pick up bad habits. You no longer have to feel guilty that your beloved dog is left for long periods without supervision, as Furry Kidz Doggy Daycare is a safe place for social dogs to interact, play and receive the emotional stimulation and exercise they need to be calm, happy and an enjoyable part of your family.

The Process

The way our facility works is, all dogs are required to come for an assessment day before being accepted.
This should be done during the week, an assessment day needs to be arranged by contacting Linsey on

072 595 3782

Keep in mind that not all dogs enjoy daycare, some find it too stimulating and overwhelming; equally aggressive or unsocialised dogs are not suitable for daycare and pose a risk to the other dogs and our handlers.
We also address behaviour training problems they may have.

Once we are happy that your dog will enjoy our facility and that they get along with the other guests, then they will be accepted to mainstream daycare.

Please note once accepted to daycare at FurryKidz, each dog in our care is dewormed every second month at the owners expense to make sure everyone stays healthy and parasite free. Remember you should deworm you and your family regularly too.

To Enroll:

1. Completed application and indemnity form, please request from or

072 595 3782

2. A copy of your furbabies vaccination book including proof of their kennel cough vaccination

On the Assessment day:

1. Please pack a lunch box (if your pup still eats lunch)

2. Your pup on a flat collar and lead (for safety all dogs must be on lead in the common areas at all times)

3. Your fur baby will be with us for the day. (Drop off is between 6-9am. Collection is from 3-6pm.)

4. During the course of the day, we will determine how they will manage in the environment and get along with the other furkids.

5. We will send you an update, as to how they are getting on, but be sure to like and share our facebook page for updates too

6. Once the assessment day is successfully completed, we will discuss when you would like your furkid to come to school &

You will be invoiced in advance for the upcoming month (Furry Kidz does not require a long term contract).

😍 looking forward to having your pup as part as the FurryKidz family ❤️


To enjoy our facility we require all our furry guests to be:


Sterilised (if older than 6 months).


Healthy and current with their vaccinations (the 5 in 1 plus rabies) as well as the kennel cough vaccination, which does not form part of the standard annual vaccinations - you need to request this from your vet. We prefer the Nobivac KC vaccination, but understand that not all vets stock the same brand of vaccines. However with other kennel cough vaccines, require a booster vaccination 1 month later, if the dog/s has not had this vaccine before, for it to be effective.

Tick and Flea Control

On a regular tick and flea prevention program. At an additional cost we can manage this for you.


Up to date with deworming. Once accepted to Furry Kidz, all our furry guests are dewormed by Furry Kidz every 2 months, to keep our environment and your furbaby parasite free, and this charge is added to your daycare bill.


Social & Friendly with other dogs and humans

*Please note that we are only able to accommodate socialized dogs. Chronic barkers and dogs that are aggressive to humans and other dogs will not be accepted.

Furry Kidz offers additional services such as Luxury accommodation, dog training, grooming to name a few. These are are billed additionally when requested. Please look at our additional services list.

*We are open from 6-9am for drop off and from 3-6pm for collection. Late collections are penalized at R100 per 15 minutes or part thereof, after 6pm.

*There is ALWAYS a responsible person on the daycare premises with your dogs, taking care of their every need.


  • Linsey truly is a "Dog Whisperer" - she has both our hooligans eating out of her hand. Thank you so much Linsey - we have seen so much progress in only 2 sessions
    Charmaine Diamond
  • A brilliant trainer with an absolute love for animals. She goes above and beyond and is amazing at what she does. Our big boy has shown so much progress in such a short time and I look forward to seeing more results. I highly recommend her services. Amazing, amazing, amazing! Thank you Linsey.
    Tracey Breedt
  • Linsey is an amazing trainer who will go above and beyond. She has great skills and had great patience with our troubled boy. Highly recommendable and affordable dog trainer. Further more she has provided guidance and support outside of her classes. If you are looking a any sort of need for your dogs then look no further
    Chevez Fess Webb
  • So after stressing badly about leaving our 5 dogs (2 gerries on heart meds), 1 guinea pig, finches, a budgie and about 30 quails, Linsey did an amazing job of taking care of them! They even got Xmas pressies, guinea pig and quails included. Thank you for everything, you went above and beyond!
    Zeldine Safarik

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